Close. Connected. Cozy. Swive is a new era of intimacy. 

WHO we are?

Born out of Pajamagram, a famous Vermont-based sleepwear brand with thousands of happy customers all over the USA, we are a small team with more than two decades of experience designing and creating premium bedwear.  


WHAT we think? 

People everywhere deserve a safe place for honest communication and open discovery; solo or with a partner. Intimacy is ever evolving. It's between the sheets. It's on the bedside table. It knows no bounds. 


How we do it? 

We're inspired by confidence and comfort in all aspects of life, including play. At Swive, we start with the softest, most alluring fabrics. We turn those into modern yet timeless designs. We finish with a variety of bedwear styles that fit into flirty as well as cuddly moments. And, we pair it all with fun products designed to ignite pleasure.